According to one survey, more consumers in the region prefer HEVs compared to respondents in the rest of the world

In an August – September 2022 survey of 1,336 respondents across the world, including automotive industry decision-makers (including OEMs and suppliers such as fleet managers and consumers) to gauge industry views, priorities and expectations in the automotive industry, the conclusion is that manufacturers are under pressure to accommodate growing consumers’ consumers’ preference for electric vehicles (EVs).

In particular, respondents in the Asia Pacific region (a total of 350 polled across Greater China, Japan, India and South Korea) showed a stronger preference to purchase electric vehicles (EV) in the future, with 60% (53% globally) indicating their choice for  a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). Sustainability in such vehicles was prioritized by 92% of Millennial respondents (87% globally), 83% of Gen Xers (78% globally) and 72% of Baby Boomers (76% globally).

The data showed a growing consumer emphasis on the option to customize a vehicle to their liking. APAC respondents resonated with this most strongly when compared with their global counterparts, with 86% prioritizing personalization options in their purchasing decisions, and 92% of fleet managers indicating the same requirements.

Other key findings by region include:

    • North America
      • 83% of automotive industry decision-makers polled indicated that the pace of technological innovations was accelerating at a rate their organization was struggling to keep up with; this was the highest of any region polled.
      • Decision makers felt they were under pressure to build strategic partnerships with technology firms in order to cut costs and mitigate risk with next-generation mobility production (83%) as well as greater visibility across the supply chain (83%).
    • Europe
      • Automotive industry decision-makers polled in this region were increasingly focused on expanding sustainability, waste reduction, and environmental protection initiatives, with 27% indicating these initiatives were drivers of financial performance and growth, and 49% expected it to be so within the next five years.
    • Asia Pacific
      • 19% of respondents who were automotive industry decision-makers predicated an increased focus on internal combustion engine vehicle production over the next five years.
      • Meanwhile, 39% of these decision-makers polled were also building capacity for next-generation options, such as EVs.
    • Latin America
      • 80% of consumers polled in this region were most concerned about the use of data collected from their vehicle, compared to the global average of 74%.
      • 47% of fleet managers polled would like to see the automotive industry focus on ensuring automotive data is kept safe, secure, and private, compared to 32% globally.

According to Tan Aik Jin, Vertical Solutions Marketing Lead APAC, Zebra Technologies, which commissioned the survey: “Electric vehicles are gaining popularity in APAC and across the globe, with consumers displaying greater preference towards a greener automotive future. Automotive decision-makers must take the necessary steps to meet the increasing customer expectations by actively investing more in safe technologies and robust infrastructure. Meeting regulations and sustainability expectations will be a priority moving forward, as the automotive sector strives to provide real-time visibility throughout the supply chain.”