One free analytics software is now available for commercial use, to allow digitalized organizations to test drive data intelligence benefits.

Digitalized organizations that are exploring the use of analytics now have one more toy to play with, before they decide on their next data intelligence investment.

A specialist firm in accelerated analytics, OmniSci, is offering a full-featured version of its analytics platform, OmniSci Free.

Organizations across industries can try out the tool to explore and gain insights from their big data “at the speed of curiosity” and maybe jump start future opportunities. Users will be able to leverage the full power of the OmniSci Analytics Platform that can be deployed on Linux-based servers, both CPU-only (X86) servers as well as servers with Nvidia GPUs for additional acceleration.

The free software limits use of to 32GB of RAM, generally adequate for datasets of up to 500 million records; and three concurrent users.

Said OmniSci CEO and Co-Founder Todd Mostak: “Our mission from the beginning has been to make analytics instant, powerful, and effortless for everyone, and the launch of OmniSci Free is our latest step towards making our platform accessible to an even broader audience. While our open source database has delivered significant value to the community as an ultra-fast OLAP SQL engine, it has become increasingly clear that many use cases heavily benefit from access to the capabilities of our full platform, including its massively scalable visualization and data science capabilities. OmniSci originated out of my own struggles with using legacy analytics tools to interrogate large datasets, and it is our deep hope that making it easy to access the OmniSci stack in its entirety will allow analysts, data scientists, and decision makers everywhere to unlock the full power of their data.”

Terms of use
OmniSci Free is licensed for commercial use, with the exception of paid hosting, and it is available for immediate download, as well as turnkey deployment in the AWS and Azure clouds. Users can also try OmniSci on their Mac laptops and desktops with the OmniSci for Mac Preview, downloadable here. In addition, OmniSci offers an Enterprise Edition of its platform without user limitations that allows scaling of the platform on-premises or in the cloud to multiple servers and datasets with tens of billions of records, with enterprise support options.