According to one platform’s year-long analysis, expectations for seamless and rewarding digital journeys are on the rise.

A full year of anonymized data from 46bn user sessions across 3,870 global websites last year from desktop, mobile web, and tablets across 14 industries has indicated that over half of APAC customers leave a web or mobile site after viewing just one page.

Compared to a similar analysis a year before 2021, this figure is up +11%. Additionally, a 54% average scroll rate across industries indicates many people in the data set did not make it past the halfway point on any given web page.

Other findings based on the data set include:

  • In 2021, APAC brands clocked an average conversion rate of 1.2%.
  • Average page loading times were better on mobile than on desktop (1.37 seconds vs. 1.97 seconds), suggesting brands have been prioritizing the smartphone experience.
  • In APAC an average of 57% of digital traffic came from mobile devices.
  • The travel and hospitality sector stood out from the rest with the lowest bounce rate at 40%, while the B2B, financial services and media sectors tied with the highest at 68%.

According to Jonathan Cherki, Founder and CEO, Contentsquare, which conducted the analysis: “Digital experience is a top priority for brands globally, but many experiences still fall short of customer expectations, mainly because many businesses still struggle to understand what makes their customers happy and what frustrates them. To level the playing field for companies of all sizes, regardless of their access to data resources and analysis capabilities, we hope that the (regional findings) will help brands better understand their audience, keep pace with their industry, and empower their teams to create more human digital experiences.” 

Added Cherki’s Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan, Albert Nel: “With mobile democratizing how we live and shop for the long run, APAC brands and marketers have a wealth of opportunity in leveraging customer intelligence to design experiences that match user goals and expectations.”