A study of6.6m consumers of a certain consumer engagement platform showed that behavior-based personalization and insights-led outreach did improve communication.

Here is a glimpse at how the retail, banking and finance, and digital entertainment sectors in South-east Asia have performed amid the pandemic.

In a January-to-April 2021 study of over 6.6 million consumers being engaged via the MoEngage platform across Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, three digital activities were analyzed. These were: online shopping; banking and fintech; and digital entertainment.

These three segments were examined for indicators of consumer engagement changes across four communications channels: push notifications, email, in-app messages and website messages. As far as the platform data goes, the findings are:

How an Insights-led engagement framework can boost customer centricity
  1. In South-east Asia, Daily Active Users (DAUs) of e-commerce, retail and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands had increased by 13.36% in the period studied. For Monthly Active User (MAU) trends of the same brands, web MAUs had increased the highest (by 8.7%) compared to mobile. This is likely due to pandemic movement restrictions and shoppers working from home.
  2. Push notifications using behavioral attributes, with an added layer of personalization from shopping brands saw deliverability of up to 85.67%; campaign conversions increased to over 27%.
  3. An increase of 54.9% in the number of DAUs across all digital banking, fintech, P2P lending, insurance and crypto platforms during the period of study.
  4. Behavior-based emails saw better click-through rates and conversion across all industries as compared to the generic emails: open rates of emails from shopping brands went up to 28.17% and the 0.5% of emails that were behavior-based in the digital entertainment sector saw a 2.4x better click rate. In banking, behavior-based emails boosted conversions by 2.72x compared to generic broadcasts.
  5. Digital media and entertainment brands using custom user segments based on behavioral and user attributes to send in-app messages to Android users saw a 2x increase in click through rates and conversion rate of up to 50.05% as compared to sending the same message to all users.

Overall, the findings suggest that closely-analyzing consumer behavior across every critical channel and developing both proactive and reactive outreach in association with these insights can be beneficial in establishing customer-centricity, ensuring that brands meet and exceed the expectations of their customers and boosting long-term loyalty and repeat business.

 According to Saurabh Madan, GM (SEA & A/NZ), MoEngage, the effective use of data can boost business performance and support the success of the entire digital marketing and advertising ecosystem: “Consumer behavior in South-east Asia has changed rapidly over the last year, and digital adoption across industries has accelerated during the pandemic period.”