At an enterprise digitalization summit, top leaders in the region learned how adaptive companies can weather the prolonged economic storm

This week, at the online Huawei APAC Enterprise Digitalization Summit, Huawei and International Data Corporation (IDC) engaged industry pioneers and thought leaders from the APAC region to discuss how innovative ICT technologies such as 5G, cloud and AI can help enterprises accelerate digital transformation and better adapt to changes in the post-COVID-19 world.

The summit’s agenda involved helping APAC C-Suite leaders to experience a smooth digital transformation journey—focusing on reliable IT infrastructure, reassessing customer experience, and adopting new technologies and digital intelligence.

The tech giant, despite being in the international spotlight, shared its views on deploying IP, Optical and 5G technologies holistically to address different business requirements in the enterprise transformation journey. Summit participants were advised to choose the best network options that will meet their deployment needs in all kind of scenarios.

In conjunction with the summit, IDC released a white paper—sponsored by Huawei—on building a successful hybrid cloud infrastructure. Key topics from the sponsored paper include:

  • A glance at the state of cloud adoption, overall workload placement, and hybrid/multi-cloud approaches in APAC (excl Japan)—demonstrates current versus ideal cloud focus areas for enterprises in the region 
  • Outline of key trends, shifts, and future outlook impacting cloud infrastructure, such as distributed clouds, multi-cloud management, hyper-agile applications — showcases emerging opportunities for enterprises to leverage. IDC believes the next big wave of cloud adoption will be fueled by enterprises adopting the cloud across distributed locations, and that the ability to support ‘hybrid’ and ‘multi-cloud’ deployments will be a must for all cloud service providers
  • IDC’s essential guidance to end users and a review on Huawei Cloud—emphasizes the importance of aligning service offerings around distributed cloud stacks, employing cost containment analytics, and developing the right capabilities

The white paper offers views on the top priorities, business and IT challenges, and trends impacting cloud adoption in the APAC region, and provides guidance for end-user organizations.