These valiant heroes caring for COVID-19 patients can now engage in short spurts of mindfulness activities to stay mentally healthy.

In appreciation of the healthcare community during the COVID-19 outbreak, a mobile technology company, has collaborated with the Singapore labour movement’s Healthcare Academy to offer healthcare workers free access to MindFi’s mobile app for improving mental health.

The initiative, named ‘Mindcare’ may benefit more than 90,000 public and community healthcare workers in Singapore, including doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, community caregivers and first responders. The free one-year subscription to the app applies for both iOS and Android devices.

The Mindcare initiative comes on the back of growing pressure on the island nation’s healthcare system to combat the recent upsurge in COVID-19 cases, which has led to rising concerns about the mental well-being of healthcare workers, especially those on the frontlines.

To provide support to this community and promote their self-care, the MindFi mobile app provides a diverse content library of mindfulness activities based on categories such as duration and personal goals.

Said Bjorn Lee, founder and CEO, MindFi: “In these times of crisis, our public healthcare workers are at the frontline and selflessly doing their part for society. From the comforts of our homes, we want to help these carers care for themselves. We are honored to partner with NTUC Healthcare Academy to launch this targeted initiative. We hope MindFi can be a useful tool for self-care during (the healthcare workers’) brief moments of rest to restore some calm and comfort. We are also in discussions with more partners to broaden our social impact during these trying times.”

According to Assoc Prof John Wong Chee Meng of the National University of Singapore & National University Hospital: “MindFi is a very calming, haptic and sensual application, bringing into one’s private space the art of mindful breathing exercises and calming thoughts. The app is a handy tool everyone can access readily, bringing to awareness our emotional well-being wherever we may be calling from.”

“The MindFi app allows a break in the routine for our healthcare employees to have respite from exhaustion and have a de-stressing dose of Mindcare for relaxation. As a healthcare staff, I too find Mindcare to be a useful and practical tool, and thus far I have received good feedback from our union leaders who have used it,” said K. Thanaletchimi, Chairman, Healthcare Academy and President, Healthcare Services Employees’ Union.

Eligible healthcare workers may visit to register to activate the free membership.