Uniphore survey reveals challenges Singaporeans face with increased video meetings.

Uniphore, a leader in Conversational Service Automation (CSA), has released survey results revealing Singaporean consumers’ perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for video conversations.

While more than two-thirds (67%) have reported spending more time on video in the last year, 54% of respondents claimed they were multitasking during calls. These activities range from watching YouTube videos or movies, going to the bathroom, to faking a bad internet connection to leave the video call early.

Even though respondents agreed that video calls are effective in driving meaningful connections, they also cited some challenges, including not being able to get their points across during video calls (30%), not knowing whether others on the line were engaged (40%), focusing on looking at other callers instead of paying attention to the meeting (39%), and more.

Singaporeans have also cited video fatigue and not feeling heard during video conversations as top complaints, and an overwhelming majority (77%) welcomes AI tools to assist with these challenges.

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