No, not the Batman character or the late composer, but the global travel technology company…

This week, the Top Employers Institute has recognized Amadeus, a technology partner for the global travel industry, as Top Employer 2020 for excellence in employee wellness in its Bangkok and Sydney operations.

This global Certification Program has certified and recognized more than 1,300 Top Employers in more than 115 countries/ regions across five continents. Organizations certified as Top Employers are deemed to have been dedicated to providing the very best working environment for employees through their progressive ‘people-first’ HR practices.

As an independent HR certification company, the Top Employers Institute assesses participants through their global HR Best Practices Survey. In order to be certified, organizations must successfully achieve the required minimum standard as set out by the institute.

The institute’s CEO David Plink says that “We believe that the 2020 certified organizations demonstrate exceptional employee conditions and encourage the development of these practices by putting their people first. These companies help enrich the world of work with their outstanding dedication to HR excellence and because of this, they are recognized as an employer of choice.”

What it means to be a top employer

Workers are always on the lookout for a new and better job. Flexible working, training and development programs, and a focus on well-being are all frills that attract many employees. In a competitive environment, businesses need to look at their retention strategies and ensure they are a suitable, attractive company for top performing talent.

Top Employers are organizations of the highest calibre that have worked hard to create, implement and progress their people strategies. They provide an outstanding experience through strategic and thoughtful workplace programs that create an environment that empower and develop employees.

Amadeus’ People and Culture Director for Asia Pacific, Steven Carroll, says: “Amadeus puts people at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to creating a positive and digitised culture that fosters teamwork, embraces diversity, and stimulates innovation for employees. We’re incredibly proud to be recognized as a Top Employer for another year in Bangkok and Sydney.”

The company, which employs 19,000 people across 70 offices worldwide, has been investing in company culture as a way to attract and retain talent. While retaining a global mindset, they strive to establish a local presence to customers that want their solutions, which connect travelers to the journeys they want through travel agents, search engines, tour operators, airlines, airports, hotels, cars and railways.

What about non-top employers?

Some small and medium enterprises have no aspirations to be a top employer. Cynical of Best Employer awards, they know that such award winners come and go on the charts. Others can be great employers for years in a row, and then a change of the Board or corporate merger brings things crashing.

Similarly, job seekers have no doubt discovered that joining a top-rated employer does not always pan out. Many other unpredictable factors come into play, such as not having an appreciative supervisor or not being able to adapt to the culture, however lauded it is.

So, between idolizing top employers and being prudent in moderating a business’ aspirations, what stance should the majority of enterprise take in terms of talent management and corporate culture? Many schools of thought circulate through TED talks, bestseller books and opinion pieces, and they are available easily to business leaders.

The key is to make an effort to even TRY to be a good employer instead of a shrewd taskmaster; to PERSEVERE when unexpected setbacks plague best efforts; and to recognize that good talent management and overall business governance must be fluid, inclusive, and continually appraised.