Global study explores business professionals’ views on utilizing more immersive and connected digital platforms in the workplace.

A new study commissioned by Ciena has uncovered just how ready business professionals are to collaborate in the virtual world.

Dion Leung, Ciena’s Regional Managing Director of Asia, said: “On a whole, the APAC region welcomes the advent of virtual reality in the workplace. Whether it’s convenience, cost savings, or offering a more collaborative environment, organisations across the region recognize the many benefits of VR over in-person meetings or even existing video conferencing tools. To reap these benefits, we need high-speed, adaptable and intelligent networks that can support the low-latency and bandwidth demands of virtual reality.”

Key global findings include:

    • A significant 96% of the 15,000 business professionals surveyed recognized the value of virtual meetings
    • 78% prefer participating in more immersive experiences like the metaverse instead of existing video conferencing tools
    • 71% of professionals can see the metaverse becoming part of existing work practices
    • 40% think their business will move away from a traditional collaboration environment to a more immersive and virtual reality-based environment in the next two years
    • 87% of global business professionals feel comfortable conducting formal meetings in a virtual space. However, there were regional differences. More specifically, this was as high as 97% in India and 94% in the Philippines respectively, but as low as 57% in Japan
    • Globally, unreliable network performance was cited as the top barrier to widespread business adoption of virtual reality tools in the workplace.

Check out this infographic for Singapore-specific findings.

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