For CIOs, generative AI is quickly becoming a mission-critical collaborator due to its ability to augment human ingenuity and innovation.

Prakash Kota, SVP & CIO, Autodesk

CIOs can focus on the following areas to more effectively realize the multi-modal AI opportunity:

  • Having a great data management strategy and infrastructure: Data is the fuel that powers AI, and multi-model AI models are no different, working best when it has access to high-quality data. The most successful companies will be those that invest in adequate infrastructure to effectively collect, store, and analyze quality data, and implement the right strategies to ensure that this data is readily available, secure, and well-integrated across the organization.
  • Building a talent pipeline: A successful multi-modal AI strategy relies on the ability of CIOs to hire or cultivate employees with the right skill sets. This could include data scientists, AI specialists, and domain experts, all collaborating to build effective AI solutions.
  • Instilling a culture of experimentation: AI is a rapidly evolving technology with new processes, and algorithms are constantly being created. Instilling and encouraging a culture of implementation allows new possibilities to be regularly explored across the organization, giving rise to new use cases to improve productivity and business outcomes.