Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University meets high performance computing and green data center needs with Pure Storage FlashBlade platform.

Nanyang Technological University has adopted a unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage platform to fulfil the growing demand for supercomputing resources at the university’s High Performance Computing Centre (HPCC).

The FlashBlade platform from Pure Storage has allowed the HPCC to support larger, more complex research projects, while upholding its commitment to sustainability – including maintaining the energy efficiency standards to be certified a green data center.

One of the most notable projects to leverage these expanded computing resources so far are researchers from the School of Biological Sciences analyzing the genomes of over 1,000 plant species.

Leading the research team is Prof Jarkko Salojarvi, who said: “If we looked at one genome a week, it would take us 20 years to cover 1,000 species, so it was important for us to run analyses in parallel. Moving to FlashBlade has enabled us to significantly speed up the process.”

Check out this case study for more details about this implementation.

Check out this case study.