Indian digital healthcare innovator transforms pharmaceutical supply chain with robotic process automation and business- driven SD-WAN.

Mumbai-based Ascent Health & Wellness is a digital healthcare platform for pharmaceutical distribution that is transforming the pharmaceutical supply chain. The company provides a full-stack supply chain model, connecting to leading pharmaceutical companies andover 35,000 pharmacies.

Ascent is estimated to reach 7 million Indian citizens every day with the health and wellness products it supplies.

Since deploying Silver Peak’s SD-WAN solution, Ascent Health & Wellness has seen tremendous benefits for their digital-first business including:

  • Enabled adoption of robotic process automation (RPA), resulting in a tenfold increase in order processing speed
  • Reduced application data by up to 95%, elevating quality of experience for remote users
  • 100% uptime to ensure availability of critical pharmaceutical distribution processes. This is especially crucial to maintain essential operations during the global pandemic – Ascent is the only pan-India pharmaceutical distributor still up and running during the COVID-19 lockdown in the country

Pandemic or not, discover how Ascent pioneered the use of RPA and SD-WAN to process nearly 40,000 orders daily, fulfilling them to over 35,000 pharmacies across India in as little as four hours.

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