In this virtual fireside chat, DigiconAsia Editor-in-Chief, Victor Ng, will discuss with regional industry winners thought leaders on what they believe are the key infrastructure, innovative and strategic prerequisites for organizations in Asia Pacific to thrive in the digital economy.

Talking points:

  • What are some key mindset shifts required among Board and C-suite leaders to create an innovative culture conducive to success in the digital economy?
  • What are some key pillars for the digital economy – are areas such as digital banking, e-payments, e-logistics and smart supply chains, cybersecurity and data privacy, cloud and mobile apps, and edge data centers all necessary for this transformation? 
  • How critical is a ‘smart city’ foundation for intelligent enterprises to thrive?
  • How would emerging technologies such as AI, digital twins, and advanced analytics impact the ‘metaverse’ where businesses have to exist in? What can we do about privacy and security in this world of mixed realities?
  • How should talent be developed to keep pace with digitalization and the metaverse?
  • What are some best practices to ensure purposeful and effective digital transformation, and strategies for organizations as they gear up for business in the metaverse?

Don’t miss out on this power-packed session! Join us ‘live’ online via Zoom for an insightful and vibrant discussion, and have some of your most pressing questions answered at the end of the fireside chat.

Listen in to this recording of this session for an insightful and vibrant discussion, and get some answers to your pressing questions.