Hollywood director Will Gluck and his team remotely produced the animated movie in the pandemic, using fiber network and existing technologies.

Peter Rabbit 2” is now in theaters across Asia Pacific after being delayed for release due to the pandemic.

Since the pandemic started, Hollywood director Will Gluck has gotten a lot of phone calls asking how his team was able to successfully finish a feature movie remotely.  “Before the pandemic, everyone was kind of scared about it. Luckily, the technology already existed,” Gluck says, of being able to work on-the-go and oceans apart from his team. “I was very used to it since I made two movies this way. I learned some things then that people are only learning now.” 

Everyone who works at Gluck’s company has original Surface Studios on their desks as well as Surface Book 2 laptops, which run Office 365.   In this 2-minute video, Gluck talks about his new movie “Peter Rabbit 2” and how he used his Surface devices to bring the animated production to life both on and off the set as he worked remotely between Los Angeles and Sydney.