Other than ensuring flight safety, this versatile mode gives users better control over their smart device in more ways than one

Privacy benefits

      1. Location privacy: Airplane mode disables GPS tracking, helping to prevent apps and services (those that you may have inadvertently not removed unnecessary permissions from) sending out your location.

      2. Reduction of digital footprint In airplane mode, your phone will not be sending or receiving data, reducing the amount of personal information being transmitted at certain times when you just want seclusion. The mode is conveniently accessible, so it beats individually turning off the various separate functions such as Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, etc.

      3. Temporary blacking out of communications: The mode stops incoming calls, messages, and app notifications, which can help maintain privacy in sensitive situations.

Security benefits

      4. Protection from hacking and tracking: Any hacking attempts and malware already present on your smartphone that rely on exclusively network connectivity will be stopped.

      5. Control over unauthorized background data usage: The mode stops background apps from using mobile data in ways you may not be aware of, or in situations where you want a firm control over an unexpected data charges when using a prepaid card or temporary mobile service.

      6. Safer device usage: With no connections of any form active, your device is safer from over-the-air attacks and exploits that require some form of signal communication with the phone.

Battery benefits

      7. Reduced battery consumption: In airplane mode, disabling of the key signal circuits significantly reduces battery drain. This can be especially useful when your battery is low and you need it to last longer at a critical juncture before you can get your phone charged up. Also, when traveling in large

      8. More efficient charging: Putting your phone in airplane mode when charging it will result in a quicker charge rate because battery power will not be wasted to maintain any network connections. Also, efficient charging heats up the lithium battery less during charging cycles, thereby leading to a longer useful battery shelf life. If time permits, turning off the phone completely during charging is even better..

      9. Better battery conservation: Whenever you are not expecting important calls or notifications, using airplane mode can reduce battery drain during periods of inactivity, like overnight or during meetings. Remember, lithium batteries are a drain on the earth’s depleting resources, and until better battery technologies are available, everyone has a part to play in extending smart-device/battery shelf lives.

Other benefits

      10. Improved focus and productivity: By eliminating incoming notifications and internet distractions with one-click ease, airplane mode can help you focus better on tasks, study, or work, other than shutting the phone down completely, which is less convenient, and can still emit radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation, which can affect some people in insidious ways over long periods of exposure.

Additional steps to strengthen some of the above benefits would include: deactivating the sim slot(s) in the phone (via the operating system’s SIM/MOBILE settings) regardless of whether airplane mode is used or not; physically removing any/all SIM cards; or turning the entire phone off.