YIWU, China, June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Yiwugo.com, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. As the summer heat blazes on, savvy buyers in the foreign trade and wholesale industries are already looking ahead to the holiday season. The index of Yiwugo, a market-oriented platform, shows that the export of Christmas decorations is currently at its peak. Up to now, many vendors report that sales of this year have already overtook that of the last year, with orders for popular items like “Santa Claus” and “Christmas gifts” already booked through September. As a result, production for these products has ramped up earlier than in previous years to meet the high demand.

ZhengQiao Christmas Company's products showroom.
ZhengQiao Christmas Company’s products showroom.

Yu Qiaofang, a veteran with 17 years of experience exporting Christmas products, suggested that her company’s sales have surpassed last year’s by over 110%. As an innovative enterprise, Zhengqiao Christmas Gifts has operated on the platform for over a decade, specializing in a wide range of electric and inflatable Santa Claus decorations, as well as other related ornaments. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the retailer has continued to thrive through Yiwugo, thanks to its exceptional character design and exquisite craftsmanship.

After nearly half a year of planning and development, Yu’s enterprise launched a new product line last October. Through extensive testing and several rounds of adjustments, the company has established a fully-fledged production and sales system, with a strong focus on product quality. From the design of Santa Claus costumes and jewelry to the overall facial expression of the dolls, Zhengqiao Christmas Gifts pursued high standards for every aspect of its products.

In August 2021, a customer from South America discovered Yu’s company through Yiwugo and placed a large order for tens of thousands of yuan worth of spot goods. The company’s excellent service and high-quality products left a lasting impression on the customer, who returned the following year with customized orders. As market enters the hot season of 2023, the customer has already placed an order worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. Looking back on the past few years, Yu recognized the great deal of momentum Yiwugo has injected to her enterprise amid the disturbing pandemic, seeing remarkable results.

Hongtai Intelligent Creative Company, located in the District 1 of Yiwu International Trade Market, has seen a significant increase in orders this quarter, with sales  1.5 times higher than that of the same period last year. Lu Furong, the company’s owner, attributed this success to their early partnership with a well-known brand in the United States, for whom they primarily produce customized merry-go-round ornaments, electric music boxes, Christmas tree toppers, and ladder products, many of which are patented. For over a year and a half, the merry-go-rounds displayed at the entrance of the shop have been rotating for over 8 hours a day, without any noise or glitches. This exceptional quality and outstanding design have earned Hongtai a strong reputation in recent years.

Two years ago, Lu’s company officially established a presence in Yiwugo, which led to a scale-up in domestic sales and an overall expansion of their foreign trade business.

According to Lu, the company’s production and research continued to power ahead in spite of the pandemic in 2022. In addition to light-colored products targeted at the domestic market, such as pink and Bluetooth-connected electric merry-go-rounds, the company has experienced sharp growth in overseas sales. For, example, a new customer in Brazil made a first-time purchase through Yiwugo, buying high-end products worth more than CNY 200,000 yuan. Lu owed the customer’s trust to the endorsement of the big platform, and noted that the ROI for Yiwugo has been strikingly high.

During this busy season, the Brazilian customer has surprisingly placed an even larger order in advance compared to last year. Currently, the company’s factory in Guangdong is fully dedicated to fulfilling orders for this year’s Christmas season.