ADELAIDE, Australia, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adelaide owned and based company, bzTrack has now launched a version of its platform that focuses on business to customer invoicing.

Improve your cash flow management with bzTrack
Improve your cash flow management with bzTrack

Managing Director, Richard Barry said “Australia and especially South Australia is a nation of business owners and tradies, and with  ‘bzTrack b2c’, business who deal with day-to-day customers; whether that’s builders, caterers, sports clubs, florists and more, they can now get paid quickly with the click of a button.

“Small businesses are there to supply services, which they are very good at,” said Barry. “What they’re not necessarily good at is managing their cash flow and managing their supply chain.”

Thousands of small businesses currently send customers invoices via email on PDFs, inviting the customer to either enter in the bank details or find their card and pay that way – sometimes the business only accepts card payments over the phone. Both of which are tiresome and open to human error.

bzTrack is a single sign-on platform, enabling users to generate invoices in the platform or import them from their accounting software, track transactions and make payments to suppliers – all in one place. Device agnostic, it can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

More than accounting software

“Typical accountancy software will manage your invoices, but it doesn’t help you get paid,” said Barry. bzTrack steps in by supplying not only the payment mechanisms, but also incentives to get paid early such as enabling businesses to offer discounts on invoices that are paid ahead of the due date.

bzTrack’s platform integrates with accounting software Xero which has almost half the market in Australia. Information is automatically transferred between bzTrack and Xero – supplying real-time updates for accountants.

One of the key features of bzTrack is that it has been built for everyone and not just for accountants or finance people. Anyone working with customers can instantly send an invoice from their phone to a customer and have it paid on the spot. Accounting and bookkeeping can be managed separately by another member of the business, meaning a tradie who is fitting a kitchen can get the work completed, send an invoice move on to the next job.

Know who you’re doing business with – ABN Verification and Credit Checking Tools

For tradies and SMEs supplying goods and services to companies, there is an integrated facility to buy a credit report – something that may come in handy for cash flow forecasting.

The comprehensive credit report document can be anything between 30-60 pages and covers all a business’ financial reports. Whereas the $10 simple credit report supplies a snapshot of a business’ credit rating and recent credit history.

bzTrack also offers peace of mind to customers by ensuring their payments go as intended to the company’s bank account and not to another individual’s account. Payments can be made via card or bank transfer.

Send invoices directly from your phone with bzTrack
Send invoices directly from your phone with bzTrack

The cost for the service is not a subscription, it is free to join and runs as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service. The bzTrack account holder is charged $1 per transaction, with the choice to pay this cost or pass it on to the customer.

Key partners include Mastercard, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Till Payments, Zai and Zepto, and future partnerships with other non-traditional payment services will look to take place in the coming months.

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