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The “World Youth Energy Tour” was launched in Beijing on November 16. Young participants from 12 countries gathered to explore the latest developments in China’s energy industry, engaging in exchanges and dialogues on topics such as green energy, energy conservation, emission reduction, and innovative energy solutions.

Launching ceremony of the "World Youth Energy Tour"
Launching ceremony of the “World Youth Energy Tour”

The “World Youth Energy Tour” is co-hosted by China Energy Investment Corporation (CHN Energy) and China International Communications Group (CICG). With the theme of “Clean Energy, Green Development, and a Better Life”, it aims to invite international youths to learn about the advancements in China’s energy industry, the construction of China’s modern energy system, and the practices in green and low-carbon development. It also encourages them to contribute their wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of world energy and to the expansion of the global green map.

The launching ceremony began with the melody of the multilingual song “Auld Lang Syne”.

At the ceremony, four young representatives from CHN Energy presented China’s overseas energy projects in cooperation with countries such as South Africa, Greece, and Indonesia. They also introduced the overview of domestic green mining practices, demonstrating China’s collaborative efforts to implement the concept of green, low-carbon, and innovative development, its support in ensuring energy supply to international partners, and the outstanding achievements of Chinese companies in fulfilling global social responsibilities. Moreover, they shared stories of the high-quality development of China’s energy industry and the win-win cooperation in China’s modernization process through vivid examples.

The attending youths listened attentively, sought to understand the relevant information, and actively shared their own thoughts.

Eliseev Filipp from Russia said that he was amazed by the rapid development of China’s energy sector, especially in green energy. How to strike a balance between ecological conservation and economic development is worthy of in-depth consideration and communication by young people all over the world, he noted.

“I am very excited to participate in this event and look forward to learning from and building friendships with young people from various countries in the following activities,” said Mphuthi Thembekile Lumwata from South Africa. She emphasized that young people from different countries should communicate more, contemplate the innovative development, production, and use of energy from a global perspective, and contribute to environmental protection.

Yu Tao, Vice President of China International Communications Group, said in his speech at the launching ceremony that nowadays, humans are facing universal challenges in terms of resources and environmental issues, leading to the need for joint efforts to find the greatest common denominator in building a better world and a beautiful earth. Yu expressed his hope that through this event, young people from various countries would get insights into China’s contributions and progress in addressing global energy challenges, tell stories about China’s energy to the world, and work together to create a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Wang Min, Director of China Energy Investment Corporation, spoke at the ceremony, expressing his hope that the event would enhance young people’s understanding of the high-quality development in China’s energy industry, foster friendship through mutual learning and sharing, and encourage the contribution of youth wisdom and strength towards better international cooperation in the energy sector.

It is reported that from November 17 to 19, young participants of the “World Youth Energy Tour” visited the Taizhou coal-fired power plant of CHN Energy and Jiangsu Offshore Longyuan Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. to personally experience China’s achievements in technological innovation and green development within the energy industry.