SYDNEY, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Intuitive investment and trading platform moomoo was named Online Broker Rising Star Gold Winner at Money Magazine’s recent 2024 Best of the Best awards.

Moomoo received the Online Broker Rising Star Gold Winner award at Money Magazine's Best of the Best 2024 ceremoney on December 6th, 2023
Moomoo received the Online Broker Rising Star Gold Winner award at Money Magazine’s Best of the Best 2024 ceremoney on December 6th, 2023

The award recognises moomoo as a leading trading platform in providing Australian investors with access to global markets and a host of innovative trading tools to support their trading and investing journeys.

Matt Wilson, Vice-President and Chief Market Strategist at Moomoo AU, commented, “We are thrilled to have been recognised as the Online Broker Rising Star Gold Winner by the Money Magazine’s 2024 Best of the Best awards.”

“Moomoo is committed to creating the most technically advanced trading platform in the market, driven by customer demands and feedback,” said Mr Wilson.

“In the past six months, moomoo has launched or enhanced more than 2,500 features, a feat few companies can compete with due to the size and strength of our IT R&D team.

“We have 1,600 staff dedicated to research and development; an advanced customer service team that is yet to be matched in our industry.”

The Best of the Best awards have been reviewed and assessed by Rainmaker Information, publisher of Money, for more than 20 years.

Rainmaker’s review is not only based on the affordability of the broker’s trading fees but also on the performance and range of trading features on the platform.

Moomoo offers 38 drawing tools and more than 100 technical indicators to Australians at no cost, making the platform stand out among Australian investors. 

“Trading is a serious endeavour, but it’s also rewarding and fulfilling. We aim to create enjoyable and accessible trading experiences to empower our investors,” said Mr Wilson.

“Our AI-powered trading features allow investors to not only track the growth of their investment portfolio but also identify related stocks, trending markets and the investment portfolio of high-performing investors.”  

“We are grateful for the trust our clients place in us and will continue to strive for excellence in our product and services. We look forward to building on this success in 2024 and beyond.” 

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About moomoo 

Based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd is an indirect and wholly owned subsidiary of Futu Holdings Ltd, an advanced technology company transforming the investing experience by offering a fully digitized brokerage and wealth management platform. Futu Holdings Ltd was ranked second in Fortune magazine’s Fortune 100 list in 2022.

Moomoo’s mission is to provide all investors with an intuitive and powerful investing platform, built with proprietary technology. We leverage our deep technological R&D capabilities and future-focused operating model to constantly improve our clients’ experience and drive industry-wide innovation.

Securities services available on the moomoo App are offered by but not limited to the following brokerage firms: Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC); Moomoo Financial Inc. regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Ltd. regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC).

Moomoo Financial Inc. is a member of the U.S. Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). The SIPC provides limited protection over an investor’s U.S. securities and cash when a member brokerage firm is to be liquidated. SIPC does not protect against losses due to market volatility.