SHANGHAI, Sept. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Guijiu, a rapidly growing Chinese baijiu brand, took center stage on September 8th at the iconic Shanghai Tower as the 2023 Global Partners Summit was held. In alignment with China’s strategic focus on expanding domestic demand and fostering dual circulation, the responsible listed liquor company brought together leaders from nearly 50 global partners to create a shared development platform and lay the foundation for a sustainable future.

The summit brought together companies from various sectors like Hurun Report, Sinochem Modern Agriculture, and Boston Consulting Group to discuss Shanghai Guijiu’s corporate strategy and brand ecosystem in fields such as agricultural standardization, warehousing logistics, supply chain management, intelligent technology, and eco-friendly packaging, aiming to promote high-quality development of the baijiu industry and its industrial chain.

Han Xiao, Chairman of Shanghai Guijiu Co., Ltd., in appreciation of the partners’ support, presented commemorative trophies to Shanghai Guijiu’s long-term partners. He reaffirmed the company’s commitment to long-termism, noting, “Shanghai Guijiu firmly anchors itself in long-term thinking, motivated to deepen its efforts, fortify core competencies, and create value for stakeholders. Meanwhile, aligned with like-minded partners, Shanghai Guijiu aspires to foster clean, legal, and compliant collaborations, culminating in a value-centric ecosystem and a mutually beneficial future.”

As a dedicated advocate of long-termism, Shanghai Guijiu embraces the mission of “brewing a better life.” President Alan Yan highlighted the goal, saying, “Shanghai Guijiu leverages its global perspective to infuse innovative concepts of China while promoting a closed-loop exchange of value for all stakeholders and effectively navigating uncertainty.”

At the summit, Gui Xiaomei, Shanghai Guijiu’s first AI brand ambassador, conducted insightful interviews with overseas supplier representatives around topics like enhancing green and intelligent manufacturing within the liquor industry, establishing zero-carbon factories, and globalizing baijiu.

With its soaring influence ranking and stellar earnings performance, Shanghai Guijiu is advancing towards realizing the “Shanghai Influence Project,” aiming towards positioning the brand as a symbol of Shanghai both domestically and internationally. In doing so, it transforms baijiu into a symbol of Shanghai culture’s internationalization while accentuating the unique qualities that set Shanghai Guijiu apart.