• GLDB is committed to delivering quality financial services, and to better address the needs of currently underserved Micro-Small-Medium-Enterprises (MSMEs).
  • Leveraging on innovative, easy-to-use, technological solutions, GLDB endeavours to facilitate trading activities within the SingaporeChina trade corridor.

SINGAPORE, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Green Link Digital Bank (GLDB) commences banking business. GLDB seeks to serve Micro-Small-Medium-Enterprises (MSMEs) with banking and financial services through their supply chain financing and innovative, easy-to-use technological solutions.

GLDB seeks to leverage their experience in supply chain financing and innovative, easy-to-use technological solutions to provide accessible commercial banking, as well as supply chain offerings for underserved MSMEs.

With this, GLDB seeks to expand their service coverage and create more supply chain financing products to cater to varying business demands, including high growth potential industries in the digital economy.

GLDB will enhance their focus on serving the core needs of MSMEs and technology enterprises, improve on service quality, and pave the way for them to become a leader in wholesale banking.

Dr Geng Jing, Chairman of GLDB says. “The commencement of Green Link Digital Bank’s operations in Singapore symbolises a major milestone. It drives to strengthen the core pillars in digitalisation, technological empowerment and green finance. We aspire to be one of the key contributors towards digital economy advancements in Singapore and hope to play a significant role in cultivating an open digital finance ecosystem in Singapore.”

Mr Song Qun, Vice Chairman of GLDB says: “We hope to bring cutting-edge financial technology and experience in serving MSMEs in Singapore and are committed to being the leading supply chain finance technology solution provider. We will continue to explore the application of advanced technologies such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data (ABCD) in supply chain finance, incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into our product development and growth strategies, and create a digital banking industry benchmark, contribute to the Singapore market, and realise sustainable growth.”

“We are excited to begin working with our customers in Singapore. We look forward to becoming their most trusted partner by growing with them, serving them with our digital solutions, connecting them with the right partners, and enabling them to embrace greater supply chain sustainability. We look forward to creating strong, long-lasting relationships with business and work with other supply chain financing platforms in Singapore.” said Mr Goh Soon Hong, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of GLDB.


About Green Link Digital Bank (GLDB)

GLDB adopts the Chinese principle as our corporate tenet, which translates to the company’s unyielding commitment to every client, no matter its size, as even the smallest deeds can have rippling implications for the wider ecosystem. This is the cornerstone to our corporate value “Be kind. Be diligent. Be persistent.”

GLDB is committed to empowering MSMEs and technology enterprises globally in their growth journeys, so as to become their most trusted bank partner. Leveraging advanced technologies in supply chain finance solutions, GLDB views our success as the ability to provide professional and reliable financial services to customers while actively innovating and striving to improve our customer service capabilities. We aim to be an influential digital financial technology service provider.

To find out more, please visit: www.glbank.com

For details on the bank’s licence and business please visit: eservices.mas.gov.sg/fid