The series provides users with a comfortable noise-free experience when using electricity outdoors

NINGBO, China, Sept. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GONEO, an international brand owned by Gongniu Group, a Chinese manufacturer of consumer-demand oriented electrical products, has made its new Silent series portable power stations available on With a sufficient and stable power supply that powers electrical devices outdoors, the Silent series features a noise-free design that allows users to immerse themselves in nature while camping, delivering a quiet and comfortable experience when using electricity.

By using GONEO’s unique outdoor power cooling technology, the fan that is a necessary component of traditional outdoor energy storage products is eliminated, bringing the noise level down to below 5dB. The fanless Silent series significantly enhances the camping experience for campers and outdoors enthusiasts by addressing the noise problem they may face when charging electrical products in the wild.

  • When fishing lakeside, or from a kayak or canoe in quiet waters, the Silent series can provide power to electronic devices without making noise that may disturb and scare away the fish.
  • When used in combination with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine for an overnight retreat at the campground, the Silent Series soundlessly provides uninterrupted power to the machine so that the campers can sleep undisturbed.
  • When camping out with the whole family, the power station can charge everyone’s devices overnight without making any noise, creating a quieter and more comfortable sleeping environment for both children and adults.

The Goneo Silent series includes 300W/303Wh, 600W/607Wh and 1000W/1016Wh models with 3 different power outputs and battery capacities that meet the expectations of campers and outdoors enthusiasts who need to charge outdoor appliances with different power outputs in various camping scenarios.


Goneo Silent 300W

Goneo Silent 600W

Goneo Silent 1000W

Price: 299 USD

Price: 599 USD

Price: 999 USD

Goneo Silent 300W has
a compact and small size design
that can be placed in the trunk or
other regular space at home freely.

Camping days :1 day

Goneo Silent 600W has
a sufficient and stable power
supply for weekend

Camping days :2 days

Goneo Silent 1000W has a larger
capacity and higher wattage that
can give your appliances more
running time. 

Camping days :3 days


Drone 5.5 x charges

Fan 15 hours

Laptop 4 x charges

Mini Cooler 5 hours

Camera 27 hours

Phone 30 x charges

TV 4.5 hours

Light(5W) 55 hours


Blender 65 min

Electric Blankets 90 min

Air Pump 9 hours

Mini Cooler 10 hours

Heated Travel Mug 10x charges

Drone 10 x charges

Camera 55 hours

Phone 65 x charges

TV 9 hours

Light 110 hours

Laptop 10 x charges

CPAP 10 hours


Blender 110 min

Ice Shaver 90 min

Electric Grill 1 hour

Mini Fridge 12 hours

Coffee Maker 100 min

Pressure Cooker 6o min

Camera 92 hours

Phone 100 x charges

TV 15 hours

Laptop 8 x charges

CPAP 17 hours


Goneo, the international renewable energy brand of Gongniu Group, formally entered world markets in 2021 with an ongoing commitment to providing consumers with a safe and comfortable experience of using electricity through innovation in technologies and materials.

About Gongniu Group

Founded in 1995, Gongniu Group is one of the top 500 manufacturing companies in China and is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of electrical products for consumer use. The company listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Main Board (stock code: 603195) on February 6, 2020. Based on its years of experience in professional technologies for and manufacturing of consumer demand-oriented electrical devices and equipment, the firm established a renewable energy business unit in early 2021 that focuses on the R&D and production of products powered from renewable and sustainable energy sources, with the aim of providing consumers worldwide with high-quality renewable energy solutions.

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