TOKYO, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In June 2023, Golden Success Holiday took a bold step towards catering to the evolving needs of young travellers who prefer individual exploration over group tours. For this reason, the company launch a new travel mode.

This innovative travel package is designed to encourage individuals to embrace the ultimate adventure, allowing travellers to explore the world on their terms, without any fixed itinerary. Explorers can say goodbye to rigid plans expedition and Experience the excitement of improvising your next destination based on your personal preferences.

The founder of Golden Success Holiday, Rhyse Soon (43 years old), has been engaged in the tourism industry for 25 years. He founded Golden Success Holiday in 2019. When the business opened on March 10, it encountered an unexpected epidemic and was forced to close its business under the closure of the country. This was a fatal blow, but under the leadership of Rhyse Soon, the company finally emerged from the cocoon and won the Zhongshan Enterprise Spirit Award issued by Guanghua Daily, successfully reversing the disadvantage.

The characteristic of Golden Success Holiday is understanding the unique preferences and requirements of each tourist in travel. The team provides personalized service to suit budget, travel style as well as individual preferences.

The company has established strong partnerships with well-known established hotels, airlines and tour operators across Asia and Europe (including Japan). This makes it possible to provide high-quality services at competitive prices. The company provides various travel packages including Continental, China, France, South Korea, and Japan.

The company even offers MICE services to cater for the needs of corporate clients, tailoring solutions to meet the specific objectives of each event, whether it is a small corporate meeting or a large conference. The company has a dedicated team that has the expertise and resources well plan the event from venue selection to transportation, accommodation and entertainment.

The company also prepares activities for individuals to explore the fascinating wonders of Taiwan, exploring important attractions such as Formosan Cultural Village, Night Market, Taipei 101 and Shifen Sky Lantern.

Golden Success Holiday is one of the few reliable professional travel companies in Malaysia. The company pursues bringing tourists an unforgettable and hassle-free travel experience.

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