MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Diversiview, the Australian-based portfolio analysis and optimisation tool by LENSELL, proudly announces a strategic partnership with SnapTrade, a leading API connecting brokerage accounts to fintech applications. This collaboration streamlines the investor experience by integrating Diversiview into SnapTrade’s API, allowing investors to access their existing brokerage accounts directly from the analytics platform, without the need for data transfers.

SnapTrade’s seamless API connectivity enables access to investment accounts data and trading functionalities. Diversiview’s unique portfolio analysis and optimisation software, leveraging mathematical algorithms, empowers retail investors with control and confidence once reserved for professionals. Dr. Laura Rusu, Founder and CEO of LENSELL, anticipates this collaboration to redefine how users engage with their investment portfolios:

“Diversiview is dedicated to streamlining the investor journey within the application and consistently upgrading our features to enhance user experience. Our collaboration with SnapTrade is a testament to this commitment, empowering our users by democratising access to financial insights.”

With this new partnership, Diversiview gains access to SnapTrade’s growing network.

  • SnapTrade currently connects to over 20 brokerages.
  • Over 100,000 connected accounts are secure with SnapTrade.
  • SnapTrade is entrusted with over $5b USD in total value of assets.

Diversiview’s expansion to become a global portfolio optimisation tool now includes listed securities from major stock exchanges such as ASX, NASDAQ, NYSE, NSE, and BSE, and accommodates custom investments like private investment funds, cash, investment property, and term deposits. This partnership underscores LENSELL’s growth within the fintech industry, representing a significant leap forward in enhancing the investor experience on their platform.


LENSELL is a research-driven investment decision support platform, that creates technology to support active retail investors in making better-informed investment decisions, tailored to their own needs. LENSELL is committed to financial transparency and equality of chances in wealth management.

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