TAIPEI, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Gemtek Technology (TWSE:4906) will host an exclusive closed-door event at its Nan Kang office in collaboration with the medical AI company, Dr. AI, during the 2024 Computex Taipei Exhibition. Together, Gemtek and Dr. AI will showcase their latest co-creation: the Wi-Fi 7 AI Router with voice-enabled AI-Powered Healthcare Service.

Gemtek has long been dedicated to revolutionizing home network solutions through innovation. In an effort to further expand its products and services, Gemtek has transformed its latest Wi-Fi 7 AI Router from a mere connection accessory to a state-of-the-art centerpiece for smart indoor applications. The new Wi-Fi 7 AI Router combines the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology with AI capabilities, offering users voice-enabled AI functions alongside its exceptionally high-speed, stable internet connections.

In envisioning the future of AI-driven human interaction, Gemtek has partnered with Dr. AI, a leading AI-powered healthcare platform, to deliver precise medical analyses and healthcare recommendations through the new Wi-Fi 7 AI Router. This innovative solution aims to assist users in monitoring and managing their health more effectively.

The Gemtek special event will take place at its Nan Kang office during the Computex Taipei Exhibition, spanning three days. This private gathering will showcase professional demonstrations and presentations, providing guests with the opportunity to experience the performance and features of this innovative product firsthand.