Cargobase Next offers CO2 reports on freight transportation to help shippers make more informed decisions and reduce carbon emissions.

SINGAPORE, March 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cargobase, a leading logistics software, continued its partnership with Searoutes to provide features including carbon emission (CO2) reporting as an add-on for its users in its Next user interface.

The CO2 functionality assists shippers in their sourcing decisions, enabling them to incorporate environmental impact as one of the variables – alongside price, transit time and freight mode – when choosing their Logistics Service Provider (LSP). The greenest modes of transportation can be selected accordingly, or the more appropriate port of loading or discharge. CO2 emissions can also be included in customers’ reporting templates.

Cargobase has partnered with Searoutes, a Marseille-based company which has developed its proprietary eco-calculator to compute the carbon footprint of a container in its journey. Searoutes’ technology can process and transform extensive datasets of freight information into meaningful information. Searoutes aims to become the standard in GHG (Greenhouse Gas) data reporting for the logistics industry and is accredited by the SFC (Smart Freight Centre) to provide calculations of greenhouse gas emissions for freight and logistics operations. 

Freight is responsible for around 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions according to the International Energy Agency. With growing economies in Asia, Africa and Latin America, global demand for freight is expected to triple by 2050, thereby doubling freight emissions. Compounding the problem is that all freight transportation still runs on oil and gas, leading to freight likely becoming the highest emitting sector by 2050, as per the International Transport Forum.

“Providing our customers with visibility into their CO2 emissions is an important first step to create awareness and eventually help them reduce their environmental impact”, says Wiebe Helder, CEO of Singapore-based Cargobase. “The CO2 reporting tool is a highly sought-after feature from our customers in Europe, as they seek a pro-active approach to reduce their emissions. Furthermore, environmental impact and awareness are an increasing component of suppliers’ selection in Europe and it will be a matter of time before we see other regions follow”, Helder continues.

“We are excited to be working together with Cargobase to give their users more visibility to green carriers, and enable shippers to select them more proactively”, says Dr. Pierre Garreau, CEO of Searoutes.

The feature is now available as an add-on to all Cargobase users.

“The logistics sector has an enormous challenge ahead in the drive towards zero emissions. Many great initiatives are being taken, and with this feature, Cargobase is helping its customers to contribute their part. There is an urgent collective need for the industry to forge a cleaner future, and we hope that many small actions together, can generate a huge impact.” – says Arnout Wagenaar, CSO, Cargobase. 

About Cargobase

Founded in Singapore in 2013 by Wiebe Helder (CEO), Cargobase’s mission is to simplify the lives of logistics professionals. Initially set up to help logistics professionals procure spot-buy freight, Cargobase was quickly lauded by the industry and loved by its users.

It was awarded for innovation and highly praised for its user interface, product features, and ease-of-use. The platform covers the entire life-cycle of a shipment, from procurement, to track & trace, to audit, and data and business intelligence.

Today, Cargobase positions itself as a full-fledged TMS (Transport Management Software), used in 55 countries by Fortune 500 companies across the Automotive, Electronics, Semiconductor, Fashion, Oil & Gas, Aviation, and Agricultural sectors. 

About Searoutes

Searoutes is a leading solutions provider of Scope 3 carbon emissions visibility for shippers, freight forwarders, and BCOs. As an API-first company, Searoutes help inform routing decisions with their modeled methodology and proprietary algorithms for data-driven sustainability. Searoutes is accredited by the Smart Freight Centre delivering CO2 emissions for reporting and active reduction purposes per ton and TEU for all modes of transport – ocean, air, rail, inland waterways and road.