ZURICH, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amcor (NYSE: AMCR, ASX: AMC), a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, has been recognized for its AmSky™ and AmPrima™ more sustainable packaging solutions, earning a place on Walmart’s ‘Circular Connector’ platform.

Circular Connector, established by retail giant Walmart, is a platform that makes it easier for sourcing teams and brands to quickly find more sustainable packaging solutions for the products they put on Walmart shelves. Being able to easily source more sustainable packaging solutions will enable the brands, and Walmart, to achieve their sustainability goals while driving a circular packaging economy. 

Endorsed by Walmart’s sustainability leadership team in collaboration with the U.S. Plastics Pact, Amcor’s recycle-ready AmSky and AmPrima packaging solutions are now available to all Walmart suppliers and the public via the Circular Connector.

AmSky offers a world’s-first, recycle-ready blister pack for pharmaceuticals. Disrupting the decades-long, over-the-counter standard drug pack, AmSky is polyvinyl chloride- (PVC) and aluminum-free – a more responsible choice for the most in-demand healthcare packaging type. Its carbon footprint is up to 70% less (compared to PVC/Alu solutions). Based on high-density polyethylene (HDPE), it is designed for recycling in rigid and flexible recycling streams.

AmPrima is a portfolio of recycle-ready packaging solutions with a low carbon footprint, applicable in different packaging formats from bags to packs and pouches, for both solid and liquid content. It provides options for brands who need packaging that still offers the barrier, material stiffness, seal strength, graphics performance and the fast run speeds of traditional unrecyclable packaging. AmPrima, when recycled, delivers as much as a 60% reduction in non-renewable energy use over equivalent non-recyclable options, offers as much as a 46% reduction in carbon footprint and an 18% reduction in water consumption. It is designed to be recycled if clean and dry, through existing store drop-offs or curbside, where available.

AmSky and AmPrima were both designed with a circular economy in mind, by combining core design requirements with end-of-life packaging considerations and innovation.

Suppliers of Walmart’s private-label products, particularly in the categories of food, consumables, health and wellness, can be assured that packaging products in the Circular Connector meet the strictest sustainability and innovation standards. Amcor’s customers can also be confident in viable, commercially available packaging options that are supported by Walmart should they wish to pursue the retailer.

Roawin Luo, Director of Global Product Management at Amcor, expressed her enthusiasm about AmSky and AmPrima becoming part of the Circular Connector, “The inclusion of AmSky and AmPrima not only puts more sustainable packaging options within reach of suppliers and brands aiming for positive change, but also streamlines the process of adopting alternative choices. Our readily available solutions help guide brands looking to embrace sustainability, while also fostering a community of stakeholders along the circular value chain journey.”

Cheryl Lam, Private Brands Director for Sustainable Initiatives at Walmart said, “We leverage Walmart’s Circular Connector to help our suppliers connect with solutions they are looking for. And, Amcor was an early participant with approved solutions like AmPrima and Amsky.” She added, “As a judge for the U.S. Plastic Pact first Sustainable Packaging Innovation Award, I was excited to see the AmSky blister package from Amcor included in Walmart’s Circular Connector. I’m looking forward to seeing AmSky blisters and AmPrima bags and pouches at my local Walmart in the near future.”

AmSky and AmPrima are the latest Amcor innovations to have been included in the platform, with more to follow as the company progresses along its innovation and sustainability journey.

View Amcor’s product portfolio for information on all of the company’s more sustainable packaging solutions.

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Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions across a variety of materials for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home and personal-care, and other products. Amcor works with leading companies around the world to protect their products and the people who rely on them, differentiate brands, and improve supply chains through a range of flexible and rigid packaging, specialty cartons, closures, and services. The company is focused on making packaging that is increasingly lighter weight, recyclable and reusable, and made using an increasing amount of recycled content. In fiscal year 2023, 41,000 Amcor people generated $14.7 billion in annual sales from operations that span 218 locations in 41 countries. NYSE: AMCR; ASX: AMC
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