After implementing marketing automation, it is launching campaigns through a faster, more targeted and personalized omnichannel approach.

When one luxury lifestyle platform in India found that the turnaround time for any new campaign — two to three days — was too long to satisfy the habits and preferences of its wealthy clientele, it decided to improve its marketing agility and promise of personalized customer experiences.

The firm — Tata CLiQ Luxury — knows that when it comes to high-end, premium, or luxury purchases, emotions and emotional conditioning are the key differentiators in the decision-making process. Information about the craftsmanship or heritage of the product often helps customers to make the final choice.

With that in mind, the firm selected a marketing automation partner that was capable of handling complex queries and executing campaigns on the fly truly. This would enable the firm to offer a holistic, personalized and responsive shopping experience for its clientele.

The digital transformation to achieve this marketing automation comprised the following features:

  • Custom events and omnichannel campaigns to drive conversions
    The platform can analyze custom events such as ‘products viewed’ to drive personalized campaigns on multiple outreach channels such as emails, SMS, push notifications, web pop-ups, exit-intent popups. According to the firm, campaigns based on custom events are the ones that drive the highest conversions.
  • Campaign A/B testing to boost growth and user retention
    The marketing team experimented with various iterations of copy, images, and landing pages to find the winning variant for their campaigns. The platform offers an ‘emotion detector’ to help the team understand what type of emotions their messages generate and how they correlate to user engagement.
  • RFM analysis to identify at-risk customer groups
    Based on how recently and frequently a user launches the app, the firm segments it entire user base into 10 distinct categories to identify segments they absolutely should not lose. With RFM, they can easily identify and reward loyal customers, discover the ‘cannot lose them’ segment, and spot users that are in hibernation. The insights from RFM enable the team to devise the right messaging strategy for each of these 10 different segments.
  • Lifecycle optimizer to see the bigger picture of retention
    The firm believes that user retention is not about preventing uninstalls but rather about fostering a genuine relationship beginning at the app install. Using their new marketing automation platform, they can identify which campaigns and channels contribute the most towards converting users to the next stage in the customer lifecycle. This helps the team to view user engagement data in a holistic manner, instead of manually connecting the dots from every standalone campaign and journey. Additionally, this equips the team to curate a rewarding shopping experience that brings customers back repeatedly.

According to the firm’s  Customer Retention Manager, Meghraj Patil: “Since one of our core metrics is user retention, CleverTap’s RFM provides us valuable information about the segments of customers we absolutely should not lose. We can then act upon this information with retention campaigns quickly and effortlessly.”

The firm announced that the digital marketing transformation has brought about an average boost of 150% in click-through rate and a 159% increase in revenue generated from various messaging channels.