New Year, New Me? Here are some tips towards this laudable goal, even if we are a month behind schedule. As we settle down after all the festivities over the last month, reality hits. The year has officially begun and it’s back to the grind.

As we settle down after all the January festivities and epidemic anxieties, reality hits. The year has to pick up speed, and slowly, it is back to the grind for us, virus outbreak or otherwise.

You are ready to dig into your dusty inbox, pick up projects from weeks past, and remind yourself what it is you do for a living. Instead, you find yourself walking into a whirlwind of papers, knick-knacks, files, and pens everywhere.

It’s another year but… same old mess.

This time you will start it right, even if it is already mid February! (PS: did you know that January was Get Organized Month? It’s a campaign dedicated to decluttering, but hey, if you missed the action, you can still start now!)

So, in the spirit of productivity and tidiness, courtesy of Adobe’s teams of productivity experts, here are a few questions and prompts to help you keep your space—both personal and work—spick and span.

  1. Does it spark productivity?
    Do you really need that fidget spinner and reusable tote bag? Maybe it is time to let go of the things that you do not need! If it does not help your work, it does not need to be on your desk.
  2. Part ways with the paper
    It’s 2020, literally. Why do you still have loose paper on your desk? All it does is accumulate (and cause paper cuts). With a little help from scanning software, you can quickly capture all paper documents and put those stacks of papers into recycling! All of that information is now accessible and searchable across your devices, and will no longer take up valuable real estate.
  3. Commit to a color palette
    Focus is all about minimizing distractions. A simple color palette with warm neutrals and bright whites can keep the space feeling both homey and energizing. (Or choose whatever color palette floats your boat—then manifest it with items on your desktop.)
  4. Everything in its place
    Keep things where they belong. That includes the files in your computer. Inbox zero may seem out of reach, but inbox folders and rules will help with the heavy lifting. Account for each zone of your desk and house only the items that belong there.

Start the year on a productive note—go paperless. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is the first step to being on your way to getting organized and hopefully bringing you one step closer to achieving your #NewYearNewMe resolutions.