The novel-coronavirus outbreak has increased the need for remote working. Here is a cloud-based solution to try out, free.

Some employees based in Asia who have been affected by the Coronavirus health crisis may have been allowed to work from home. Their employers would have sanctioned certain VPN and remote-access solutions to facilitate this method of working.

The World Health Organization and local authorities in the region have advised people to avoid public transportation and work facilities, and to work from home in the Asia Pacific region if circumstances permit it. For those organisations that do not have a stable solution in place, software company Pulse Secure has just announced free subscriptions of its secure remote access solution, Pulse Connect Secure (PCS).

Pulse Connect Secure enables secure remote and mobile access from any device to services and applications in the cloud and data center. The software suites uniquely integrate cloud, mobile, application and network access to enable hybrid IT in a Zero Trust world. The company claims a customer base of over 23,000 enterprises and service providers across every vertical.

Said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEO of Pulse Secure: “We stand by our customers, their employees and their communities across Asia as they deal with the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus health crisis… We welcome, and urge, other vendors and partners to join hands with us so we can mobilize our collective efforts to ensure personal safety, business continuity and a speedy recovery.”

This worldwide offer for a 90-day license for Asia Pacific-based employees is available to any organization that registers with Pulse Secure before May 11, 2020. Terms and restrictions apply.