Study: data-driven business transformation key to driving greater agility and business success.

Workday’s Digital Agility Index 2022 highlights the extent to which APAC organizations have progressed in digital agility since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The study found that across the nine APAC markets surveyed, progress in digital agility is uneven.

Only 38% of APAC organizations are in the advanced stages of digital agility. Still, progress is being made overall as this figure reflects an 18 percentage point increase when compared to 2020.

Organizations in Australia achieved greatest progress in digital transformation efforts and ranked first this year. Singapore, which ranked first in 2020, dropped to second position, followed by New Zealand, Korea, and Hong Kong. Taiwan, a new addition to the study, came in sixth, followed by Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.  

For the 62% of organizations in APAC lagging in digital agility (i.e. agility followers), technology adoption is often driven by functional requirements and business needs such as for e-commerce, safety measures, and remote work during the pandemic. To find out more about the study’s findings, as well as its recommendations for CFOs, CHROs and CIOs to collaborate cross-functionally on digital transformation initiatives, check out this infographic.

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