Numerous surveys show mixed beliefs and expectations about the usefulness of a metaverse. Here is one that focused on virtual working…

In a May 2022 online survey of work trends in the metaverse, conducted among 2,000 office workers and 250 senior executives screened according to Market Research Society (UK) guidelines, respondents’ expectations, fears and hopes about hybrid working were analyzed.

The survey by flexible-workspace firm Regus yielded the following trends among UK respondents:
    • 66% of business leaders in the survey viewed the metaverse as the natural progression for hybrid working, with 48% exploring office space within the online world for their employees, and 56% indicating that shared office space will be key. Some 61% believed the metaverse will become crucial for communications between different company offices, and 71% also expected the platform to present new business opportunities. Finally, the business leaders polled cited that the flexibility offered by the metaverse could result in more diverse workplaces (62%), improve mental health (57%), reduce presenteeism (54%) and better relations between remote and office-based staff (54%).
    • 70% of respondents expected the new platform to increase demand for flexible working, as it can reduce the need for staff to work from specified office locations.
    • 63% of office workers in the survey thought their employer may take a wait-and-see approach before investing on trusting the platform, while 46% thought they employer may be an early adopter. Also, 6% indicated they their firm could adopt the tech in the next 12 months, while 33% expected it take three to four years.
    • 44% of respondents felt that using the metaverse for work could improve team communication, followed by 41% expecting teamwork improvements; 40% expected benefits in gaining more work opportunities remotely, and 39% cited improved creativity as a top advantage.

According to Mark Dixon, founder and CEO, IWG (parent of Regus): “Business leaders (in the survey) expect the metaverse… will enable better collaboration for people working all over the world, reducing the need to commute and allowing greater flexibility in people’s day-to-day working schedules.”