By partnering a data-driven ad-suite platform, the firm aims to expand visibility for its partners’ diverse range of products and services

To offer greater value and diversity, e-commerce platforms often aspire to turn into ‘superapps’ consisting of a wide range of diverse services. In Thailand, one superapp contender is food delivery provider Robinhood, which has expanded into the travel, shopping, parcel delivery and ride-hailing space.

In an effort to enhance brand experiences for partners on the platform, Robinhood recently sought to enhancing its own product management and strategy, drive advertising creativity and create more rewarding customer experiences across the app.

Key to the transformation effort is partnering an ad-suite platform powered by data insights and analytics technologies to support advertisers in multiple areas of digital marketing optimization. The platform has started empowering early adopters across various industries such as fast-food restaurant Texas Chicken, furniture retailer Index Living Mall, electric vehicle lifestyle platform EVMe, vitamin-fortified beverage Vitza and video streaming provider Viu, to take charge of their business and marketing goals through the tech-driven ad suite platform for greater brand awareness.

Merchants on the ad-suite platform can soon look forward to growing their visibility through self-service advertising tools, allowing greater autonomy and management of ad inventory. Said Srihanath Lamsam, Chief Executive Officer, Purple Ventures Co., Ltd (Robinhood): “Our collaboration with Accenture Song (formerly Accenture Interactive), will extend this important work, paving the way for Robinhood to continue to deliver the best experience for our users.”  The firm’s Head of Marketing, Sarun Chinsuvapala, said the added data-driven capabilities, as well as support from other ad partners, will provide customized products and services for its diverse users: “Together, we are laying the foundation to redefine platform advertising.”

Accenture Song’s South-east Asia lead, Thomas Mouritzen, said: “Robinhood is an important purpose-led company, offering pivotal support to the community” and pledged to support the firm’s next phase of growth in South-east Asia.