The zero-commission platform already helps delivery riders and small business owners to survive the pandemic: further digitalization will achieve even more…

A Bangkok-based food delivery and all-in-one travel service platform that adopts a zero-commissions stance to give its partners a larger share of earnings, is making use of digitalization technology to build a homegrown ‘super app’ that allows its circle of small business owners, delivery riders, and diverse users in metro and non-metro areas to enjoy inclusive growth opportunities.

A fleet of 30,000 riders supporting 225,000 eateries and 16,000 hotels are already listed on the app run by Robinhood to cater to 2.8million users. With further digitalization, the firm is planning to expand into a super app offering addition services such as travel tours, car rentals, flight bookings, and grocery and express parcel delivery services.

The platform’s differentiated business model enables the firm to generate revenue from other independent services, such as providing loans to individuals in the ecosystem, instead of charging fees to its partners.

Looking ahead, the plan to expand the app platform is centered around a partnership with two tech firms: Google Cloud and MFEC Public Company Limited. The strategic alliance is expected to  enable Robinhood to:

  • upskill its talent and cultivate a culture of innovation through a Cloud Center of Excellence consisting of cloud architecture, data management, and application modernization specialists
  • enhance the quality of digital services by migrating to a cloud platform that is open, secure, scalable and carbon neutral
  • leverage analytics, AI and ML technologies to offer hyper-personalized customer experiences
  • optimize delivery routes for riders so that they can ride safer, fulfill orders quicker and earn more
  • make financial assistance easily accessible through initiatives such as embedding virtual banking and micro-lending services into the app

According to the Srihanath Lamsam, CEO, Purple Ventures Co., Ltd, which owns the platform: “Robinhood has always been a cloud-native platform, but as we started to see an exponential increase in demand for our services, it became clear that more performant infrastructure was needed to help us grow in a cost efficient and sustainable way.”