While the firm’s feats are achievable by any competitor , the key is in listening to the ground and ‘standing out’ digitally.

The stories people can tell you about their frustrating experiences with couriers, delivery people, e-commerce platforms and logistics contractors can fill an 3TB entire large language model nowadays.

In the post-pandemic phase, the resurgence of in-person shopping has made multi-channel shopping a common pastime in the region. In response to the increasing demand for flexible logistics services in retail, how does one global logistics provider in Singapore transform and differentiate itself from the crowed arena?

For J&T Express its approach is to launch an all-in-one delivery solution to provide business-to-business transportation for commercial users, centred around offering different vehicle options to support varying transportation needs at competitive rates.

Businesses will be able to choose from various shipping options, such as single- and multi-way transfer options, warehouse transfers, ad hoc transfers for parcel deliveries, and less than truck loads (LTL) or full truck loads (FTL). The expanded range of logistics options comes as a response to retailers’ challenge of ensuring efficient and cost-effective order fulfilment across the online and offline spaces.  

An app way to do it

In a bid to create more visibility and enhance user experience, the firm is rolling out a series of new features to its mobile app. The app can now detect the nearest logistics hub to users based on their location — for hassle-free parcel drop-off. This can be useful to customers with flexible schedules or more urgent delivery needs. 

Furthermore, J&T Express is forging partnerships with e-commerce and social media platforms to empower small businesses that engage in ‘live’-selling, and to cater bigger brands with high-volume orders, with flexible and customizable logistics resources.

Even an international digital platform facilitating the buying and selling of used or ex-stock products, Carousell, has become part of the firm’s customer experience transformation. J&T Express will be exclusively integrated into the Carousell’s Singapore’s platform to offer users more convenient delivery options with fully integrated pick-up service options. This includes the upcoming next-day delivery, self-drop-off at J&T Points located island-wide, and return shipping with complimentary label printing service.

This case study shows that, given the same availability (or lack thereof) of technological solutions available to all players in the same industry, digital transformation and customer experience optimization are still only as impactful as the creativity and people-oriented mindsets that turn soul-less code into CX benchmarks for all others to emulate.