With architectural innovation and sustainability concerns driving client demands, this firm has continually transformed its digital infrastructure to remain eco-resilient.

In an effort to advance its “Green-Well-Tech” initiative to design architectural solutions that are grounded in sustainability, well-being and innovation, impactful technology, Singapore-based firm DP Architects has transformed its digital infrastructure with more cloud-based solutions and high performance compute (HPC) capabilities.

After identifying key areas to improve operational efficiencies across the business and improve workforce support, the firm updated its HPC back end to support seamless, real-time collaboration around the globe using compute-intensive advanced design and simulation software and tools.

Next, to allow its IT personnel to react quicker and simplify operations of on-premises infrastructure and data protection in the cloud, the firm also upgrade to a cloud-based AIOps solutions that combine proactive monitoring, machine learning and predictive analytics to provide more intelligent system insights.

To address storage needs, the global multidisciplinary design practice also transitioned to a pay-per-use model to enable more-flexible management of operating expenditure and financial resources.

The end-to-end approach to continual modernization and building of business resilience is expected to help the firm meet sustainability and innovation objectives for itself and its client base.

Said the firm’s Head of Operations and CIO, Derek Herbert: “Investing in the right technology is key to advancing (our) Green-Well-Tech effort. Building our technology capacity with partners such as Dell Technologies allows us to improve operational efficiency, multidisciplinary and global collaboration, and supports our outcome-driven approach.”

The firm’s choice of vendor also reflects its other digital transformation requirements, including data security and recovery, cybersecurity and incident mitigation. Additionally,to ensureoptimal performance and deployment of the updated infrastructure throughout the planning, configuration and implementation process, the firm expected strong ongoing IT support and assistance from Dell.

Said Andy Sim, Vice President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies (Singapore): “Working with DP Architects…  Dell is helping the company to enhance its IT infrastructure and achieve operational excellence across its business.”