SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gaudio Lab, a leading AI audio technology company, announced that it has been honored with the CES 2024 Innovation Award for its AI-based real-time noise removal solution, ‘Just Voice’. This marks Gaudio Lab’s second consecutive year of receiving the honor, extending its innovative success beyond its two other winning products from the CES 2023 Innovation Awards last year. Demonstrating its cutting-edge expertise and prowess across these three distinct technologies, Gaudio Lab continues to draw attention from the entire audio industry.

Gaudio Lab's award-winning 'Just Voice' employs AI sound separation to eliminate noise and background sounds in real-time.
Gaudio Lab’s award-winning ‘Just Voice’ employs AI sound separation to eliminate noise and background sounds in real-time.

Gaudio Lab’s award-winning product, ‘Just Voice,’ is a comprehensive sound solution that is essential for the user experience involving transitions between real and virtual worlds, such as in streaming services like YouTube, various OTT platforms, and video conferencing services. It seamlessly operates on various devices and platforms thanks to its low-latency AI processing.

‘Just Voice’ utilizes AI sound separation technology to remove noise and background sounds in real-time, providing clear and crisp voices. Integrated with Gaudio Lab’s sound generation AI, FALL-E, it can also create vivid sound effects for deeper immersion. Furthermore, it is equipped with GSA (Gaudio Spatial Audio), a world-class spatial audio technology and winner of the CES 2023 Innovation Award, rendering an even richer audio experience for the user.

Gaudio Lab has consistently earned global recognition and acclaim with its AI source separation model GSEP (Gaudio Source Separation) at the forefront of its technology. GSEP is continuously outperforming itself in accuracy, quality, and efficiency, and has recently been reviewed as the best solution among those available by a prominent British media outlet. Gaudio Lab also demonstrates its proficiency in the field of AI sound generation with FALL-E, which has recently been shown to be ready for commercialization following its successful application in generating sound effects in audio books.

“Being at the hub of global innovation for two consecutive years with the world’s best AI audio technology is a source of great joy,” said Henney Oh, the CEO of Gaudio Lab. “With ongoing discussions for various global collaborations, Gaudio Lab will continue to be present wherever there is sound.”

Gaudio Lab is set to showcase its AI audio technology and products next January, including its award-winning innovation, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, USA.

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Gaudio Lab, a member company of Global Digital Innovation Network (formerly known as Born2Global Centre), is a leading AI audio technology start-up that was founded in 2015 following the company’s spatial audio technology for headphones was adopted as the binaural renderer for the ISO/IEC MPEG-H Audio standard in 2014. Ever since its establishment, the company has worked to develop technologies to deliver superior audio experiences wherever there is sound, gaining the attention and support from top global strategic investors such as Softbank Ventures, Samsung Venture Investment and Naver Corp. Across and between reality and virtual reality, Gaudio Lab’s solutions will continue to provide optimized audio on a diverse range of platforms such as earbuds, smartphones, OTT, VR/AR, theaters, automotives and more.