Making products that comply with the evolving strict 5G standards meant that the company also needed to transform its test platform.

In line with the global pressure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a manufacturing-solutions provider of design, manufacturing, supply-chain and product management services has undergone digital transformation.

The company serves a broad range of industries that are also taking full advantage of digital transformation towards remaining relevant in Industry 4.0.

Subsequently, in order to address the wide range of validation requirements in multiple industry sectors, including telecommunications, smart home, industrial IoT and healthcare, Jabil Inc. not only had to modernize its infrastructure and equipment. While digital transformation has been implemented in many aspects of its business, the company realized that the new technology solutions being used in design and manufacturing—such as 5G-linked products—needed new kinds of testing equipment for efficient product validation in design and manufacturing. This is because the low latency, high bandwidth nature of 5G demands strict compliance in terms of signal quality, beamforming, path loss, blockage, noise, signal propagation and interference issues.

Only by using software-centric test, measurement, security and optimization solutions could Jabil support its digital transformation across multiple technology domains, including 5G new radio (NR) and high-speed digital and virtualized radio access networks (vRAN). With the focus to enhance its test equipment platform, the company found a solution in a particular 5G wireless test platform. Said Jiliang Zhang, Senior Director, Jabil: “Keysight’s 5G test platforms allow us to address evolving standards that enable (us) to innovate in an agile and cost-effective manner.”

Lawrence Liu, General Manager, Keysight Technologies, said his company is “pleased to contribute to the wireless standards development organizations (SDOs) and industry consortia, as it enables us to deliver a comprehensive suite of certified test cases for conformance validation of 5G new radio devices.”