By adding omnichannel and low friction cashless payment services, the platform is aiming to boost loyalty and customer experience levels.

A shopping and rewards platform in Singapore has added cashless payment feature that can be used at participating physical retail outlets.

The feature by ShopBack allows users of the app to link their preferred digital payment methods to their mobile device when making in-store purchases.

As a QR code ‘scan-and-pay’ feature in the ShopBack app, the new cashless payment function will enable users to pay for purchases online and at participating physical retail merchants. 

The feature also offers a cashback loyalty scheme where credit earned can be redeemed from transactions with participating merchants. Cashback rewards may also be used to directly purchase vouchers via the ecosystem’s app. 

Also, unlike conventional cashless payment solutions in the country, this system does not require users to top-up funds. Instead, in-store payments will be directly debited from the linked payment method in real-time.

Users of the platform’s shopping ecosystem will automatically be able to access this cashless payment system for use in retail settings. On top of cashback offered by participating merchants, users will simultaneously enjoy rewards from their preferred payment methods such as credit card benefits and platforms such as GrabPay, which is a partner in the loyalty scheme.

This feature-rich customer-experience program is expected to add value continuously to both merchants and shoppers through the platform’s suite of shopping tools and features. Additionally, the firm runs a campaign that promises users that, if they are able to identify higher cashback rates elsewhere, the difference will be refunded.

According to ShopBack’s Head of Payments, Julian Foo: “Our goal has always been to add value to and shape one’s shopping experience right from the start when users easily discover merchants on the app to making their payments, with cashback as a loyalty scheme.”