While businesses in the region knew the importance of investing in CX, fewer actually put the priority into practice: 2021 survey

In a 2021 survey of over 5,100 professionals from various industries around the world on customer experience (CX) management and research, 71.43% of respondents indicated that addressing market changes related to the pandemic was crucial for their work. 

For the Asia Pacific region (APAC), the survey data showed businesses recognized the value of human insight to create great customer experiences because customers’ needs and expectations were evolve and growing: more than 57% of respondents indicated that CX was a top area of investment. The data showed that the demand for “actionable human insight” was strong across every APAC industry and organizations of all sizes.

Other APAC findings include:

  • 52% of respondents believed in having a dedicated team for user experience (UX) and CX research. These metrics of human insight can play a pivotal role in the creation of better CX and products and services.
  • 36% of APAC respondents chose “strongly agree” in their belief that their organizations’ overall CX still needed improvement. To that end, 43% of respondents felt that the teams responsible for gathering human insight feedback usually faced a time crunch.
  • 60% of respondents indicated they had a strategy in place to improve CX customer experience, while 33% of these people described their organization as “visionary” when it came to CX maturity. As more than57% of APAC respondents had noted that CX was a top area of investment for them, the granular responses may indicate that expectations and reality are not yet aligned.

According to Janelle Estes, Chief Insights Officer, UserTesting, the firm that conducts the yearly survey: “ It is encouraging that more APAC executives see the value of including customer feedback in the decision-making process; yet it’s equally disconcerting that companies are challenged with being able to truly operationalize their customer experience strategies. When organizations fail to listen to their customers and are unable to put themselves in their customers’ shoes, they risk missing out on opportunities to grow their business and strengthen their product and experiences.”