By joining a one-stop digital e-commerce ecosystem, local brands with minimal e-commerce experience can tap into a regional market painlessly.

Hong Kong’s local brands and retailers needing a boost to overcome the difficult times caused by pandemic uncertainty now have a digital ecosystem to leverage upon.

The idea is to expand their businesses beyond local shores, achieve cross-border e-commerce, and build on a turnkey solution to accelerate digitalization.

Imagine a one-stop entrepreneurial system for inexperienced entrepreneurs as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to have professional guidance with data analytics to prudently select and analyze a wide range of products for targeted markets, hand-pick identified hot-selling products and quickly list them on their own online store.

In the back end of the online store, an automatic sales system combines product selection, sales and customer service functionality to simplify traditional and cumbersome management procedures. Brand owners only need to add the products to sell on the platform, and a professional team on the digital platform will handle the inventory and logistics.

Real-time sales and profits can be monitored by each brand via apps, and entrepreneurs are equipped with e-marketing tools to analyze customer trends, capture more leads and increase conversion rates through emails and other customer engagement channels.

This turnkey e-commerce ecosystem is called Online Rich, founded by Good Timing Holding Ltd. Based on the premise of offering low-cost digitalization to help Hong Kong brands and small businesses to establish barrier-free cross-border e-commerce, the digital platform claims to buffer the ecosystem partners from language and cultural barriers when reaching out to overseas markets.

Making full use of its digital back end, the ecosystem helps brands to offload warehousing, inventory, e-marketing and social media branding while the owners take care of their core business of sourcing and manufacturing marketable products.

Furthermore, quick onboarding, tailor-made localized content for social media and other e-commerce platforms should improve participants’ success rate of starting and expanding their online business quickly with lower risk than if they were to go it on their own.