The country’s 60 million MSMEs need stronger shopper engagement to survive for the long haul in the global post-COVID recession.

One of the biggest E commerce players in Indonesia plans to grow and sustain shopper engagement by using technology platform to serve co-branded, personalized dynamic ads delivered across the world’s best publishers.

Bukalapak is the first in Indonesia to deploy the solution, which uses advertising platform Criteo’s granular machine-learning and specialized technology to garner high-quality traffic and sales for merchants. This in turn allows the Bukalapak to drive overall gross merchandise volume and unlock new revenue for its partners.

Said Kurnia Rosyada, Vice-President of Merchant Operations, Bukalapak: “This partnership would enable more than six million Indonesian micro-small to medium enterprises (MSMEs) connected through Bukalapak to reach as many potential customers as possible. We are hopeful that this will bring significant impact to their business performance, which is really crucial currently in order to survive this tough period.”

The company’s mission is to establish a fair economy for all, and it aims to do so through empowering the backbone of Indonesia’s economy: more than 60 million MSMEs. The pandemic has helped Bukalapak to recognize the importance of allowing MSMEs to thrive in online commerce which is becoming highly-essential.

In fact, Indonesia is regarded to have the highest rate of e-commerce platform use globally. The strong move to digital commerce is predicted to continue even post-COVID-19, and the e-commerce sector is expected to see positive growth this year to reach US$35 billion, accounting for 50% growth on-year.

Pauline Lemaire, Commercial Director for Large Customers, Southeast Asia, Criteo, said that by activating campaigns on the ad platform, Bukalapak will help its sellers re-engage shoppers more effectively using real-time ads as they browse other websites and apps.

“Those ads will drive shoppers back to Bukalapak’s website with the intention that they will eventually make their purchase.”