By managing customer experience with digital transformation, one South-east Asian insurance firm expects to stay relevant and agile in the region.

When a financial services provider in South-east Asia decided to improve customer journeys via regular, targeted and meaningful improvements, its specification was to standardize customer experience (CX) and create a new, continuous listening platform for its 1.5million customers.

Knowing that people in the region have an increasing number of financial services and insurance providers for consumers to choose from, Aviva Singlife has to deliver premium financial services support and products aligned with customers’ changing needs.

To win and retain a growing share of the market, the insurer wanted to offer great customer experience as well as high quality mobile apps, website services, products, and customer service at key moments across a number of different engagements and channels, such as during the purchase of insurance products or when a policy holder is making a claim.

Feeling the ground

To study changing consumer needs and expectations in the industry to guide further transformation, Aviva Singlife subsequently partnered with Qualtrics Research Services. Feedback from the study was then made available throughout the organization, equipping every department with valuable insights to guide and inform future decisions—from product innovation through to the type of advice provided.

Said the firm’s Head of Customer Experience, Lara Truelove: “We are committed to providing our customers with a superior experience, based on innovation and trust. Qualtrics will help us achieve this, equipping us with intelligent capabilities to continually develop and deliver products, services, and support, aligned to our customers’ changing needs. Importantly, the rich insights will also help us remove the complexity and confusion often associated with insurance, empowering our customers to make confident decisions.”

The capabilities enabled by working with Qualtrics are expected to help Aviva Singlife to rapidly resolve issues and close the loop with every customer. Intelligent, automated workflows will immediately alert the customer service team of engagements requiring their attention.

According to Mao Gen Foo, Head of Southeast Asia, Qualtrics: “Despite relatively high levels of satisfaction with financial service providers across South-east Asia, Qualtrics research shows consumers are willing to switch for better experiences elsewhere. By standardizing and taking full control of its customer experience with Qualtrics, Aviva Singlife will be able to get to know and service customers better at every touchpoint. This is a significant ability, helping the company create a world-class customer experience helping it attract and retain customers in the financial services industry.”