Kevin C.H. Lee, General Manager, KKCompany Technologies

Kevin C.H. Lee, General Manager (Multimedia Technologies Business),  KKCompany Technologies

In additional to proving this ongoing training to the AI, enterprises also need to consider two aspects around the LLM output information.

    1. The first aspect is the personalized experience, which is becoming increasingly intuitive.

      With AI, the recommendations will influence the way users interact with the content, whether through active questioning or passive suggestions. For users, asking questions through text input and receiving suggestions will be part of an ongoing relationship. Over time, the system will learn user-specific habits and preferences, so its recommendation service will become increasingly attentive.

    2. Secondly, in the seamless transition of multimedia formats, information has to be presented to the user in the most appropriate manner.

      This is because even rich sources of information can be fragmented enough to distract people’s attention, because it can come in multiple videos, social platform discussions and lengthy articles and studies.

      Therefore, generative AI will need to be prompted to generate the LLM information that is styled according to the different needs of users on different platforms. This personalization will resonate with the target audiences effectively.