Using digital twin and data-driven technology, the business can reduce costs, optimize productivity and boost customer service levels.

Despite the constraints imposed by the global pandemic, one fast food pizza chain has continued to grow rapidly.

In the last financial year the global business served 281 million pizzas, opened 285 new stores worldwide, and recorded US$3.7bn worth of network sales. This financial year it even expects to open a further 500 stores.

In its latest wave of digital modernization to cope with the growth, pizza franchise Domino’s is transitioning workloads and data collection from on-premise servers, and optimizing its ordering and fulfilment systems to boost customer experience and loyalty.

According to its Chief Digital transformation Officer Michael Gillespie: “Innovation is baked into the very DNA of Domino’s, and by utilizing Azure there is an opportunity to accelerate the pace at which we can deliver new services and products, and streamline operations for our business and for our franchisees,” referring to the three-year strategic technology and services agreement to use Microsoft’s cloud services to accelerate the company’s modernization and expansion plans.

The firm has a clear roadmap of the innovation opportunities of digital transformation to:

  • Use data driven analysis to prioritize new store development
  • Invest in customers’ digital ordering experience: a new web and mobile platform will be rolled out this financial year
  • Analyze store metrics to improve unit economics

Domino’s international growth plans, particularly in Japan and Europe, are also supported by the Azure platform for scalability and geographic reach.

Currently, Microsoft is working with Domino’s on the design of a new store, using technology and data-driven insights to optimize layout and processes using digital twin technology and testing the results virtually before commencing the fit-out.

Said Microsoft CTO, Matthias Hansen: “It’s great to walk into an established relationship with a technology partner where we are both challenging each other to be our best.”