As the pandemic landscape is still evolving, it has accelerated digital transformation to boost resilience and responsiveness to imminent changes.

Having opened and secured 11 new co-working locations in the last 18 months, workspace rental provider JustCo is filling a work-anywhere niche during the pandemic.

In tandem with its expansion plans and to position itself for continued long-term growth, the firm is transforming its business processes and workflows by harnessing robust, future-proof technology tools. This continued digital transformation can provide stronger collaboration, data-driven insights, and allow the business to respond quickly to the rapidly evolving operating conditions.

As part of its DX acceleration strategy, the firm’s Singapore HQ and overseas offices have digitalized finance operations as well. This is expected to deliver real-time performance insight and enable continuous planning and recalibration amid a dynamic business landscape. By relying on a single suite for financial accounting and reporting, the firm hopes to achieve greater efficiency across its core accounting and finance processes.

Insightful financial and performance management

The enterprise cloud solution selected is from Workday, and it is expected to provide a complete picture of day-to-day finance operations and performance, as well as to draw actionable data and insights that facilitate faster business decisions. The latter includes the agility to shift resources quickly where most needed, and the speed of identifying new revenue streams.

JustCo’s Chief Corporate Officer, Ho Seng Chee said: “As we scaled up our business, we wanted solutions
that could create value for us and enable us to become more nimble. Collaboration, speed, and agility
are critical to success in this dynamic business environment. With fewer resources spent on manual and tedious processes, we look forward to being better able to focus on strategic business decisions, as well as assess our performance in a more timely matter and plan for the future.”

Workday’s President of Asia, Sandeep Sharma noted: “No matter how fast change happens, a business that operates at a high metabolic rate can move faster and stay ahead—with the right tools and partners,” alluding to companies in the region that harness digital transformation to guide planning for business agility and resilience. “This will enable them to thrive and gain a sustainable competitive edge,” Sharma said.