Their secret is the use of multi-cloud and edge connectivity to manage tight logistical, operational and racing demands.

Fans of Formula 1 racing must know how the racing teams move from country to country and set up and dismantle all necessary infrastructure to execute their race plans again and again in the course of a season—across up to 20 countries and five continents.

This is where cloud computing and digital technology help. For example, like all the other contenders, the McLaren Racing team keeps tracking of complex logistics and operational demands through:

  • Using multiple cloud platforms and apps in their own data centers, in the public cloud, and at the edge to meet the rapidly changing demands of a team operating at the cutting edge of technology
  • Using bonded networks and smart traffic shaping to ensure reliable connectivity at the extreme edge
  • Providing all team members with a seamless user experience to access apps from multiple devices both at the base and on the road. This, combined with zero touch device provisioning, enable IT to provide support for their global team whilst having full visibility of both device performance and user experience

According to the team’s Director of Partnerships, Matt Dennington: “We operate at race pace on and off-track, and this (cutting-edge connectivity technology) will help keep us agile across the apps we need, from any device and location, to bring our best on race day.”

The official partner of multi-cloud technology for the team is VMware, whose Chief Marketing Officer, Laura Heisman said the two firms “share a commitment to excellence and a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible, to take on the biggest challenges. Through this multi-year deal, we will help drive innovation for the McLaren Racing team” and also facilitate the racing team to operate with speed and drive confidence no matter where the team is racing in the world.