Relying on “financial transformers”, lifelike virtual assistants and cloud-powered AI development tools, the bank expects to keep ahead of the game-changing

In support of accelerating the use of AI and ML in the financial services sectors, Deutsche Bank has signed a multi-year “innovation partnership” with high-technology firm NVIDIA.

The collaboration follows months of exploratory work in which the companies tested a number of potential use cases, with a focus on three in particular: risk model development, high-performance computing, and the creation of a branded virtual avatar.

    • Next-generation risk management through accelerated compute
      Accelerated computing enables traders to manage risk and run more scenarios faster and at scale while also improving energy efficiency. Deutsche Bank plans to leverage an end-to-end software suite for streamlining AI development and deployment that can run in the cloud or in the data center.
    • Redefining customer service with interactive avatars
      The bank is working to develop next-generation user experiences with NVIDIA’s open computing platform for building and operating metaverse applications, and AI models and services that make it easier to build and customize lifelike virtual assistants and digital humans. Its teams have developed an early concept of a 3D virtual avatar aimed at helping employees navigate internal systems and respond to HR-related questions. Future use cases will explore immersive experiences with banking clients.
    • Deriving insights out of unstructured data
      Existing unstructured data and large language models do not perform well on financial texts. The two firms are testing a collection of “Financial Transformers” that can identify data-quality issues, offer early warning signs on the counterparty of a financial transaction, and faster data retrieval.

According to the bank’s CEO, Christian Sewing: “AI, ML and data will be a game changer in banking, and our partnership with NVIDIA is further evidence that we are committed to redefining what is possible …”

NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang noted: “Every aspect of future business will be supercharged with insight and intelligence running at the speed of light. Together with Deutsche Bank, we are modernizing and reimagining the way financial services are operated and delivered.”