Tata Communications’ media network and cloud services will drive global content production and distribution efficiencies for De Tune.

De Tune,a global media and entertainment company, has selected Tata Communications as the backbone of its next-generation broadcast viewing experience for live events produced virtually anywhere on the globe.

The company has been able to simplify its global production operations by consolidating multiple vendors into one cohesive media ecosystem with the help of Tata Communications’ end-to-end live video services.

De Tune is a pioneer in the field of worldwide, large-scale, remotely streamed broadcasting projects, including the rapid rise of e-sports. Leveraging Tata Communications’ Media Cloud, Company will automate its production workflow, along with video format conversions and online content delivery, by accessing Tata Communications’ transcoding services and Video Content Delivery Network (CDN).

This next-generation media ecosystem enables De Tune to effectively collaborate, allocate resources, and allow for aggressive scaling in their operations with global reach.

Through Tata Communications’ media network and cloud services, De Tune can now transmit media content from multiple simultaneous event locations across the globe to its studio in Los Angeles with extremely low latency and reliability. Employees are able to collaborate more effectively on productions, while driving greater efficiencies and limitless scalability, ensuring the smooth delivery of content to its viewers.

Recognizing the ever-changing growth and scope of online entertainment that was to come, De Tune pioneered the coverage of live e-sports, where viewers demand both the highest quality and lowest latency for the most technologically advanced sporting events in the world.

As e-sports continues to grow rapidly, with revenue expected to grow from $974 million in 2020 to $1.598 billion in 2023, De Tune is ready to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding viewership from across the world.

Michael Thuney, Chief Executive Officer, De Tune, said: “We are excited about our partnership with Tata Communications, which brings us the very latest in media and entertainment services to drive efficiencies, productivity, quality and endless scale. We are seeing a huge shift towards remote production across all kinds of content, but especially live events, and this partnership sets us up perfectly to deliver on that. This collaboration doesn’t just help us meet today’s requirements – Tata Communications’ technology makes us ready for the future of media and entertainment.”

The full suite of Tata Communications services adopted by De Tune includes the Video Connect Platform for media transfer, Media Cloud Compute for storage and compute, and Tata Communications’ Content Delivery Network to ensure seamless online content delivery.