How? By digitalizing to make its own service features more accessible via Open APIs and low-code integration into ERP platforms

Amid the global talent crunch, a global Software-as-a-Service recruitment provider has digitalized further in order to offer customers more flexibility, speed and outreach when using the platform to fulfil their unique recruitment needs.

The firm, LiveHire, operates in Australia, North America and across the Asia Pacific region, offers open application programming interfaces (Open APIs) that allow customers to integrate a wide range of technologies with the platform.

According to its Head of Product, Will Sheers: “All customers have their own wish list, but we’re in the middle of a global skills shortage and there are hundreds of HR applications available that help companies deliver better outcomes. Our team doesn’t have the capacity to build direct integrations for every request, and not every client or technology partner is able to build their own integrations to our Open APIs.”

With the recent additional digital transformation, this limitation in many corporate settings can be overcome. LiveHire worked with Boomi to integrate its services into widely-used ERP platforms such as SAP Fieldglass and SAP SuccessFactors to allow more customers to enjoy unified talent acquisition and engagement functions.

Benefits of this integration include AI-powered talent pooling; preemptive building of customized lists of potential candidates before hiring needs even arise; and the building of ‘Talent Communities’ to draw applicants from multiple channels, groups and platforms.

Said Nathan Gower, Head of Australia and New Zealand, Boomi: “Talent shortages are not unique to the technology sector nor to Australia: there’s a problematic skills deficit across multiple industries, worldwide. To find the right people sooner, companies need a digital recruitment platform that is low-code and easy to use. LiveHire can now offer its customers a standard integration mechanism, allowing them to customize their hiring process with a flexible framework to pick and choose their preferred mix of HR systems.”